D.C. 4

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D.C. 4


These cookies are perfect for political events and various other organized events. They reflect D.C.'s spiritand foundation well.

The perfect District favor!  Guests will enjoy as part of a DC welcome bag or thank you gift. Excellent addition to local fundraisers and political events.

  • Approx. size varies between cookies
  • Individually wrapped
  • Baked and decorated to order

This listing is for ONE cookie favor.  The minimum order for this design is TWELVE (12) cookies.  Please enter a value greater than 12 in the quantity box.

Standard flavors are Vanilla Bean or Almond Vanilla.  Additional flavors available for one time charge per flavor.  Please purchase separate listing for flavor upgrade

Please allow two weeks from date of purchase or delivery or pick up.  If you need the cookies in fewer than 14 days or need more than 100 cookies, please email orders@districtdesserts.com.

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