Say it with Sweets!  

All of our gift options can easily be customized to meet your needs and come with a card and a handwritten note.  

Extra Large: 37 Cookies   

Extra Large: 37 Cookies


Traditional Cookie Gift Tins -- Gift tins are a beautiful way to tell someone you're thinking of them.  Ranging from small (great as favors, too_ to extra large, each tin can include gourmet cookies and one personalized cookie.  Click on the gallery to the left to see more options. 

Small: 6 traditional cookies and one personalized custom.    Medium: 12 traditional cookies and one Personalized decorated cookie.  Large: 25: 24 traditional cookies and one personalized decorated. Extra Large: 37 cookies!

Decorated Box Sets: Look through the sets we have done, which can be purchased on Etsy or contact us and we'll make one just for you.  

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Mini Cookie Gift Cube: This 5x5 cube holds nearly one pound pound of cookies! 35-45 one to two inch cookies.  This little box perfectly accompanies a bottle of wine for a hostess gift or a great work place gift exchange. 

Coloring Cookies--  coloring books are a thing of the past.  Color then enjoy or color then give as a gift.  These make great gifts for any child, favors for birthdays or just something to have around the house for a rainy day.   

Cookie Cubes-- 8 - 12 cookies of the same theme boxed up to make the perfect gift.  

Cookie bundles-- Decorated cookies in a bunch.  Perfect as party decor, centerpieces or gifts.  

Cake pop bunches-  6 to --- unlimited cake pops packaged up in a gift box.  

Brownie and Bar gift boxes: 

Homemade candy bars: